Dusty: 22, 6’2. INSECURE, ANXIOUS, COWARD. A drug addicted shut-in, and son of a powerful Yakuza boss. His life-long dream is taking over the family crime syndicate, but his hope for the future obliterates after folding under the pressure, and he develops an addiction to Angel Death, a intense hallucination inducing drug that causes him to see his favorite Manga heroine as a real person.

Izzie: PESSIMISTIC, SEDUCTIVE, MANIPULATIVE. Dusty’s favorite Manga/Comic character, a Death Goddess who dies and is transported into the body of a college student and has to save the world.

When Dusty inhales enough Angel Death, she becomes visible to him, as a figmant of his imagination.

Monica: 5’4. 19. DEPRESSED. CARING. DEVOTED. Compassionate towards others, and manic towards herself. She is Dusty’s Rental Sister hired by his mother after he socially withdrew. While she works hard to give her “older bro” companionship, she grows overwhelmed and depressed, relying on pills to keep her moving.

Charlie: 22, 5’5. DESPERATE. DETERMINED. ARROGANT. A wannabe gangster, and life-long best friend of Dusty. He’s eager to impress the clan’s boss but his hunger for acceptance often lands him in trouble.

Yo: 26. 7’. DIMWITTED. BRAWNY. GOOFY. Physically strong but mentally slow. Yo works as a personal body-guard for the Amatō Clan’s boss, and lives as Dusty, Monica, and Charlie’s friend and roommate.

Ena: 6’. 45. FRAGILE. POWERFUL. AGGRESSIVE. The powerful boss of the Amatō Yakuza Clan, as well as the mother of Dusty. She strikes fear into the hearts of rival Yakuza, but seeing her son in his crippling mental state causes her fragility to unfold.

Hima: 5’7. 20. HUMBLE. CHARMING. Her life is spared after a violent encounter with Ena, because she saw something special about her.